Things You Probably Don't Know, But Would Like To

I grew up all over the world, literally. I lived an abundant childhood, didn't want for anything, and they still could call me young. I mismanaged my postgrad years and ended up with two kids (who I love dearly) and a man child. With all the stereo-typical wonderings about women who have more than one kid, I'll clear everything up for you: yes, they are both from him. I don't hate my life, so don't read it that way. I'm not another angry "ist" or statistic.

I began school eight years after High School graduation to persue a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Interior Design; it was fun. I didn't make it. I'm an expert in Retail Management as I've been employed in that ghastly field for over 10 years. I know the crooked politics of new management and shady promotions and anything else you want to know about toasters.

I know all about what it's like to write your whole life and get nowhere. I know what it's like to put your life on hold, scare yourself to death, and all about owning a Porsche when you're 21. I know all about living alone, making your own food, and serving yourself last. I know everything about anything and anything I don't know, I can find out; here in the writer's field we call that "research" - it's a valuable tool.

I'm an artist and that's the only thing that's relevant.