Blog creation is an intricate part of becoming some one on the web. Without a blog, you seem to become just another person surfing the web. If you don’t have great, detailed, or valuable information to share with the world, you are no one. So here it is, my valuable contribution to society on how to become a success at staying home and doing practically nothing. 

Many people believe that freelance writers have to immerse themselves in their work in order to be successful; shunning all the fun activities that “normal” people and families have day in and day out. The time you put into your work can show how dedicated you are, but it can also show how you are not dedicated to your own mental health.

Ideally, we are writers because we have a passion for the English language and have the ability to manipulate words in such a way that we can make even the simplest person understand them. However, the behind the scenes life of the professional writer, book writer, freelance writer, ghostwriter, and all those great occupations involved in writing is that many writers make sacrifices to stay at home. 

A successful writer (and not just monetarily), finds a way to balance their home life and their professional works in such a way that they have time to do all those fun things that they wanted to do when they began staying at home and the seriousness of looming deadlines. 

This blog is in dedication to writers everywhere; no matter if they work for a major fashion magazine, a local newspaper, or they stay at home and work with the benefits of being there.  


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