Ideally, everyone in the world would stay at home and work if they could. However, for most people this isn't a realistic thought. Luckily, for those in my line of work it is a reality and you can make plenty of money working on even the small time sites as a freelance writer. The good news? You don't have to be a writer just to do content; as long as you know the English language (or others in some cases) and have a flare for grammar you could potentially be set.

A Comprehensive Look At Freelance and Ghostwriting

The Sites

The Content Authority -  -
Burn Your To Do List -
Gather -
Break Studios -
Text Broker

In freelance writing, your best bet is to always go with sites that will pay you per article through Pay Pal. All of the sites above will do that. Pay Per Click sites are used more for exposure and will only net you a few cents a month unless you are an avid writer. There are three types of pay per article sites: Ones that assign you articles with predetermined subject matter (Burn Your To Do List), ones that allow you browse through topics (Text Broker, Break Studios, Seed) and choose what you’d like to write on and finally, there are pay per article sites that will allow you to write what you want more or less with minimum standards (Gather).

A Break Down On Pay Per Article Sites

The Content Authority   works pretty much just like Textbroker in that you claim the article and write it. You get paid 1cent per word (which is like being a 3 star on Textbroker). There is a trial period of five articles and after those first five artiicles have been approved, you can undergo a process in order to be rated. TCA bases your final rating off of skill and tact, so be sure to make those inital five articles count both in spelling and grammar and actual content. There are also bonuses for members; for instance, the person that wrote the most articles last month got a $50 bonus.   is the basis of most of AOLs informative and informational articles. They pay from $5 - $200, but there is a catch. The articles can be written by anyone and everyone and it's up to the person that posted the need for that article whether they want to accept one or multiple submissions... so you may not always get your articles accepted. has some of the highest paying articles, but there is a long waiting period for article approval sometimes and your article may not always be chosen. However, the up side to that is that the articles are normally between 250 – 450 words and take hardly any time at all to whip up so they can be well worth the effort.

Burn Your To Do List     is an outsourcing company that hires freelance writers and assigns them articles based on client needs. At this point (June 2010), they are extremely busy and in need of writers to help alleviate the heavy load they’ve received in the past few weeks. They put you on a 30 day trial basis, but you get to tell them how much or how little work you want per week. If you want less or more, just email them and they will adjust it accordingly. After your 30 day trial you will move up to a slightly better pay scale, but on a tier one probationary period for the first 30 days you will only make about 1/2 cent per word. Every article will be 500 words unless otherwise specified, so when you’re assigned a bundle of 10 articles for $27.00, you will be writing roughly 5000 words. In order to begin membership you must first email recruiters to find out more information. I am not including that email address here as it's not my position to say whether or not they are looking for writeres. Seek out their site in order to find out more information.
     works off of SEO content and recent Google searches to rely on income. They are a combination site that works off a pay-per-click-per-article basis. What this means is that you can get paid per article up to a certain amount ($10) based off of how many unique views your article receives. This is only if you are accepted as a Social Writer. Being a Social Writer, you will pick a channel to belong to and base most of your articles off of that. There is a brief training session over the phone that will walk you through the site with your channel manager. This site is not only for writers, it works much like any networking site (such as Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter for instance) and once you learn how to use the tools in the training session, it will be quite easy to gain views.

Break Studios     is supposedly a man's site, but you don't have to be a guy to write for them. They also work like Textbroker, but I haven't delved too deep in their development yet. You can choose articles to claim (up to 10 for me right now and I'm not sure how long that lasts, maybe it's a trial period, I'm not sure I will let you know once I do). There are various channels and most articles will pay you about $4-$8 so it's not a bad gig if you know what you’re talking about.

Text Broker
    is probably the smartest place to begin. You will be required to apply to be a writer with an article of a predetermined subject like “Attractions in Your Town.” This is where it’s probably wisest to begin. Depending on how well written and meaningful your article was for application, you will receive a rating of 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars which will determine how much you get paid per 500 words. A 3-Star author gets paid 1 cent per word or $5.00 per 500 words; 4-Star authors make $7.50 per 500, and 5 Star authors (of which there are very, very few) make $25 per 500 words. Most people will be accepted under 3 or 4 Stars so the content pool is always changing. Text Broker provides predetermined genres where clients will post their needs for an article. Once an article is claimed, it disappears from the pool unless it is returned. You are not penalized for returning an article that’s not done to the pool. The list consists of article details like subject matter, the number of words required, when the article is due, and how much the article will pay. 

A Bit of Advice 

The best thing to do is trial run one of the more popular sites like Gather or Burn Your To Do List and have one back up site that you can turn to when work runs low like Text Broker or the Content Authority.

The quickest bucks can be made with Text Broker because there is not a lot of thought involved. Depending on how you enter the site, your pay differs so be sure to put in a flawless article with little to no grammatical or spelling errors. Most of these sites require a reference or sample article that’s between 200 – 300 words and will approve or deny your membership within a day or two. 

Getting involved with more than one site that assigns you articles or requires a minimum monthly contribution isn’t something you should do right off the bat. Sign up for one site like this with a back up site that you can choose articles from with no penalty if you don’t write that week like Text Broker or The Content Authority. Most sites pay out weekly or biweekly and each site provides a FAQ if you have any questions.

Finally, the decision to go into freelance writing should only happen if you are a comprehensive writer and understand not only the basics, but also many of the deatails of grammar and spelling that is not traditionally taught in the classroom. Making the decision to work at home as a beginning freelancer should always come when you have the support of a spouse or another job that will fully support your family. Beginning, freelance work will most likely net you anywhere from a couple bucks to about a thousand dollars a month - nothing to live off of, but definitely worth the effort for play money or saving money.

Understand that these sites listed above will only help you if you are willing to put in the time and effort and dedicate yourself to making a certain amount of time a week to writing. Lastly, working at home does  not mean that you should take your time for granted with your children (if you have them); just remember that there is a reason you are seeking legitimate work at home opportunities and if you discover that the situation isn't working out, then it's not the right opportunity for you.

Work at home opportunities can be difficult to find so be sure to fully research any opportunities you might be interested in first before diving head on into something. The key element to remember is that you should never have to pay anyone in order to get a job - I mean, how much sense does that make?

The Break Down on Pay Per Click Sites

Pay per click sites are plentiful and useful if you are looking on building your name. Article distribution sites work the same way, but they don’t net you any income so essentially you are working for free.

Top Pay Per Click Sites

Hub Pages

The Break Down on Bid Per Job Sites

There are also sites in which several freelancers will bid on a job in order to receive it. This means that you are in direct competition with other freelancers of different natures, from article and academic writers to web page and graphic designers. These types of sites have heavy competition and require you to go through great lengths in order to get yourself approved for the job. In the long run, they are only worth it if you are a seasoned or certified professional.

Top Bid Per Job Sites

Associated Content
Constant Content

Additional Information

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